Awesome donair and for such a great value too. Their donairs have lots of meat and that sweet sticky sauce...I'm craving a donair just thinking about it.
The best thing is you can call in your order ahead of time and then go there to pick it up when they're busy (so you don't have to wait!)

The staff is an energetic crew always happy to take your order! Their donairs are delicious. One of my fave places to go.

Absolutely love this place I was on a 3 year hunt for good do airs after I moved here and es always sadly disappointed, found this place when I moved down the road from it and have been going there for the past 2 years and gotten many friends addicted as well, the Donair burger and the Donair with cheese and sweet sauce are absolute favorites along with really good onion rings

I go to a few donair places, and this one is by far the best one! Love the cheese donair with tzatziki sauce

Fantastic! I was recommended by a friend this maybe the best Donair in town!! The sweet sauce was not ladened but just enough, the veggies were fresh and the group of 4 guys behind the counter were helpful and quick to service u! Rating: 10/10

I think the approval percentage on this small little donair/burger shop is not reflective of the quality or service here. I had to try the donair here because I put it on my wish list early on when I read a couple of great reviews. Although those people who left those reviews never reviewed again and looks suspect I thought I would try it anyway because I am in search of the best donair in town.

The donair meat was fresh and moist and bit of spice to it but not overly spicy. The sauce is sweet and tasty. The vegetables were a little light but the meat was plentiful and that's what you come for. The pita was fresh. The prices are reasonable ($9.50 for a regular cheese donair, fries and can of pop).
The staff were friendly and extremely busy. There must have been at least 20 customers who came in the thirty minutes I was there. There is no way that a place of this quality, good service and cleanliness could have such a low approval rating.

Although it is not my favorite donair in town (could be personal preference) it was tasty and I would have again if I was on this side of the city. So if you like donairs I would disregard the number and give it a try.

Omg. Can't rave enough about the taste of these donairs. We drive from spruce grove to get them. I always get the cheesy combo so you get fries and a drink too. The fries are seasoned and crispy. The donair meat is perfect ever time and the cheese sauce is heavenly. The guys there are efficient and friendly. My only suggestion is to not go there at lunch! Unless you like to be jammed in with 50 loud teenagers. Lol a+++ all the way!

We stopped by swiss on monday, I am fron Halifax and I know good donairs. This is the best donair I have ever had in Edmonton, the place was nice, in a not bad area, the meat was awesome not greasy at all, the sauce was almost as good as halifax but a little runny, The ambience was loud and busy but there is a reason they are busy. Oh ya and the price well lets say it was good food for the money. I finally found a nice decent place to eat a donair in this city, hopefully they keep it up.....

My friend and I dropped by this highly recommended donair place and loved it. Give the cheese donair a try, and you won't regret it. Their fries won't disappoint too!

Amazing! They even get familiar with their customers and greet you. Im not here often but they even memorized my order

Oh my goodness absolutely amazing!!! Felt like I was back home in Halifax!! Definitely my new Donair place!!